Sgroppino: Italian classic & modern variations

The Sgroppino is a classical recipe from Venice, Italy, for an extremely refreshing drink. Here I present how to make it properly, and how to add your own touch!

The Venetian word sgropìn allegedly was used to describe what we now know as a sorbet, that is, ice cream without the dairy. Mixed with vodka and Prosecco, it is served as a palate cleanser in-between courses: If you ever had the questionable pleasure of a fifteen course dinner prepared by an Italian mamma who doesn’t take no for an answer when she asks you if you want seconds, you will know that these Sgroppini can be a gift from heaven.

  1. 2 scoops lemon sorbet
  2. 20 ml chilled vodka
  3. 50 ml chilled Prosecco
  1. Spoon sorbet into a bowl, add vodka, then break up sorbet using a whisk. While adding the Prosecco, continue to whisk until homogeneous, and pour into chilled flûte.
Most people don’t know this, but to make a sorbet yourself is trivially easy. Check out my article on how to do it!

Great for caterings

At caterings, ice is often a problem – it’s either not there, or usually to wet already to be of any use. The Sgroppino has the advantage that you don’t need any ice at all, provided both the sorbet and the Prosecco are chilled. (Which they really should be, otherwise you probably want to be at a different party.) They also don’t need any equipment but a bowl and a whisk, so no need for you to bring the Japanese cobbler shaker to a garden party…

Sgroppino variations

Sgroppino Variations

Think of the Sgroppino more as a template drink than a set
-in stone recipe. Start with the base spirit; and let the sorbet provide the sweet-sour balance as well as a modifying flavour. Check out the recipe below that I created for Grappa Nardini in 2013, a cross-over between the Sgroppino and another Italian classic, the Bellini. With the great wit that was mine at that time, I decided to name it the Sgrappini.

  1. 1 scoop peach sorbet
  2. 15 ml unaged Grappa
  3. 50 ml Prosecco
  1. Add ingredients to a bowl, and whisk until smooth. Strain into chilled flûte, garnish with mint and serve with a spoon on a saucer. (The drink is not ment to be spooned, but it will separate. Use the spoon to mix again.)

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