Prosecco Nani Rizzi

This is an translation of an article I wrote for the German mixology magazine. The purpose was to present a particular brand in the category of non-Champagne sparkling wines; and I wanted to use this opportunity to explain that Prosecco is not necessarily inferior to Champagne, but a different category with different applications. 

What I expect of a Prosecco is lightness, fresh and summer-like aromas, and yet enough complexity that I don’t get bored drinking a bottle of it on a sunny afternoon. The DOCG Extra Dry by Nani Rizzi hits this mark: a generous bouquet that many Prossechi lack, but still light enough.

Right at the front the typical green apple note, joined by acacia honey and heaps of lime zest, then some white pepper and balsa wood, vanilla; further in the back peaches and maybe even majoram. Some residual sugar, but still a pleasant dryness; and especially the lime zest aromas linger on the tongue.

It is exactly these lime aromas that make this Prosecco for a wonderful toy for our craft. Aperol Spritz works just fine, rhubarb and apple is not a new combination, but do yourself a favour and garnish with a lime instead of an orange. Not only do you get a pretty contrast of colour, and a delightful interaction with the Prosecco, but you also save yourself the embarrassing guests fishing for the orange in the glass with their fingers.

But lets talk about proper drinks: With aromas of lime, honey and vanilla the addition of rum seems obvious, and indeed: Prosecco on the rocks, in a tumbler with a shot of Brugal AƱejo and a dash of Angostura, and you got yourself a very decent spritz for grown ups.

Yes, this Prosecco suits most rum drinks better than Champagne. Personally, I never quite got the Old Cuban. Cask aromas from the rum and the Champagne collide and leave the mint completely unintegrated. The Nani Rizzi, on the other hand, fits in perfectly. Same story with the Air Mail, a wonderful beverage that deserves more attention, and in which this Prosecco can show its strengths.

Bottom line: Nani Rizzi is a wonderful, rich Prosecco that is just as wonderful for rum drinks.

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