The Bacardi Legacy Switzerland competition was launched yesterday in the Blaue Ente in Zurich. Invited were Chris Moore from the Beaufort Bar in London, Shervene Shahbazkhani, the new North European brand…

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This is the first post by fellow bartender and friend Luis Estrada. He shares with you his recipe for exceptional Talisker bitters, which he used in his World Class drink…

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Jenever is the Dutch ancestor of gin. It has the complexity of a brown spirit and the mixability of a white one, and should, in my opinion, be used much more often. Here I’ll explain Jenever production and how it is categorised.

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The Paloma is probably the one most refreshing drink there is: It’s traditionally made with Tequila, grapefruit soda, lime and salt. Today, however, we talk about the Mezcal Paloma, and how to make a spectacular grapefruit soda from scratch.

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During the Market Challenge of the Swiss World Class Final 2015, everyone of the finalists was given a topic by random. They then had 20 minutes to conceive a cocktail…

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Call it low-calorie cocktails, alternative sweeteners or even holistic hedonism; healthy cocktails is one of the main trends experts predict for the years ahead. And while I think it is…

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