Just in Time for a Quick Recap of May

  • Little Red Door in Paris launched a revolutionary new cocktail menu, to much acclaim and attention from the industry. The Cocktail Lovers got a few pictures on their site.
  • Speaking of menus, Difford’s Guide has a very inspiring article about The Clumsies’ new menu, too.


  • The Bacardi Legacy competition was won by Gn Chan. The Cocktail Lovers got a chance to interview the winner, and this video captures the winner’s touching story and charm quite well.
  1. 45 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca
  2. 25 ml pineapple juice
  3. 15 ml coconut liqueur
  4. 15 ml cucumber juice
  5. 5 ml lime juice
  6. 1 dash sesame oil
  1. Shake, and strain into wine glas. Garnish with pineapple leaf.
bartending.ch http://bartending.ch/wp/
  • The Made in GSA competition took place on the 23.5 in Basel, and it was won by German Matthias Ingelmann.
Rum To The Root
  1. 20 ml white rum (Revolte)
  2. 20 ml beet root spirit (Faude)
  3. 20 ml lemon juice
  4. 20 ml simple syrup (1:1)
  5. 2 dashes walnut bitters (Fee Brothers)
  1. Shake and strain onto ice in tumbler. Garnish with red beet leaf.
bartending.ch http://bartending.ch/wp/
  • Also on the 23.5, the Diageo World Class Swiss Final took place in Lausanne, which was won by Sophie Larrouture. We interviewed her last year, when she participated in World Class, too.
  • The International Toast of Paris Competition by Courvoisier, held on the 17.5 in Paris, was won by German Aleksandrs Sadovskis.

Interesting Articles around the Web

  • While it is basically an except from his book Liquid Intelligence, Dave Arnold writes about the science of chilling, and if you haven’t read it, you absolutely should do so. His scientific approach clears up a lot of the confusion and myths that surround dilution and chilling.
  • Miller & Brown write a fun little piece showing many recipes that seem like contemporary molecular mixology, but in fact are from over 100 years ago!
  • Drinks International writes about how vermouth is the spirit of 2016. Fittingly, mixology.eu did a tasting of red vermouths, in which La Quntinye came out on the top.
  • This article was featured on A Bar Above‘s mailing list, and it describes how high-end restaurants explore non-alcoholic drink pairings for their tasting menus. I found it extremely inspiring.
  • As well as this little video, which is really quite cool:


This blog and mixology.eu

In my bi-weekly column on German online magazine mixology.eu, I published an article about Paul Harrington’s Drink Without A Name and the √Čtude Cocktail. Both of which are very subtle, elegant drinks that teach you a lot about mixology, I find. We also finally started to publish some articles in English, the first of which is my take on the Alexander cocktail, the Axelander.

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