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This is my take on the Moskow Mule; replacing the vodka with gin, and the ginger beer with (fresh) ginger and (real) beer – with dramatic results! While the Moskow…

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Ever since the Cinema Highball in the PDT Cocktail Book, we know about popcorn and spirits. It is all the more surprising that I haven’t seen anyone do the obvious so…

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This weekend, my coworkers and I met to discuss the summer menu of the bar I work at; and I was very excited to present the following recipe for a…

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This is a take on the Last Word, and probably one of the most remarkable drinks I have discovered recently. It is crazy fruity, smoky and yet perfectly balanced. If…

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This drink I created for the G’Vine Perspectives competition in 2015. I tried to blur the boundaries between wine and cocktail, and I’m quite proud with how this drink makes it really…

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This little lady is an extremely simple, light drink; but it’s a great way to introduce people to what has been called the cuisine-style. She’s fresh, summerly and unexpected.

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The challenge for World Class Burst 2 in Switzerland was a peculiar one: pick any piece of literature and a bartending book, and create a drink that resonates with both…

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