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chenpi (陳皮) means preserved peel, and refers to the dried skin of a special mandarin. The peel is used for cooking and used widely in TCM. The best peels supposedly come…

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Bar Convent Berlin is getting bigger and bigger: This year, over 11000 people attended! While it a tremendously interesting and fun event, I still can’t get over the number of…

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The Alexander cocktail is not a particularly popular drink in Europe. Unlike Japan, where this cocktail is not met with the same reservations. Enter Yasutaka Nakamori and his fairy-tale variation.…

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The city of Cognac lies in the département Charente, 120 kilometres north of Bordeaux, which itself lies 120 kilometres north of the region of Armagnac. History 13th century: The region…

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This article I originally wrote for German bar magazine and was published in October 2015. Below is my own translation, published with permission of Tea is not only the figurehead of…

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I’m lucky that I could learn a great deal about tea from Meng-Lin Chou. She is possibly one of the most knowledgeable people in Europe when it comes to oolong teas. Visit…

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Firstly, a big applause for the organisers: with over 10000 visitors and 250 exhibitors, it was amazing to see how smoothly everything went. Secondly, it was great to see so…

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Grenadine should be made from pomegranates. It is a great sweetening ingredient because of its tartness. However, most commercial suppliers just sell you red simple syrup that’s nothing like true…

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